2016 Official Selections

Moving On

Struggling with a recent break up, a young, lonely professional moves into a new apartment and becomes involved in strange exchange when the former tenant adds him on social media.

Moving On is the Winner of the 2016 Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival’s Short Script Contest. The grand prize was the production of the short script submitted by Australian Screenwriter Lachlan Marks into a short film that will premiere at the festival this year!

The Makings of You

The Makings of You is a poignant story of self-discovery, love and loss. Set in writer/director Matt Amato’s hometown of St. Louis, the movie follows JUDY and WALLIS who converge in a shared dissatisfaction with their own lives and an indescribable attraction to each other. Caught between the freedoms that Wallis affords and the demands of her troubled family, Judy’s journey offers an alternative to cliched romantic archetypes. With its palpable summertime weather, lush music and beautifully decaying surroundings, the movie is, above all, a classic love story. The movie’s formidable cast features the highly anticipated reunion of Twin Peaks alums Sheryl Lee (JUDY) and Grace Zabriskie (Judy’s mother, MARGARET) alongside Mad Men’s, Jay R. Ferguson (WALLIS).


THORNBIRD is an award-winning experimental fairy-tale about a young girl who is transported into a dreamworld after finding a magic mask.


Two young musicians play music together and discover love while trying to escape their dysfunctional lives in the rural south.

Death in a Day

Experimental, Short, Student | China | 0:14:05 | Chinese Genre: Drama, Art House Director(s): Lin Wang Writer(s):  Lin Wang Producer(s):  Lauren Brooks, Michael Sainz Cast: Evan Liu, Wei Ren, Allen Theosky Rowe, Jun Nian Cheng Synopsis: Evan would enjoy nothing more than to spend his day inside playing with his toys. He’s 7 years old, Chinese, living with his soon-to-be widowed mother, […]


Short | United States | 0:13:02 |  Genre: Drama, Suspense, Social Director(s): Chris Newhard Writer(s):  Ed Wasser Producer(s):  Ed Wasser Cast: Ed Wasser Synopsis: One man’s journey through the random cruelty of life Website | Twitter | Facebook


Short, Student | Germany | 0:21:00 | German Genre:  Director(s): Katharina Woll Writer(s):  Florian Plumeyer Producer(s):  Markus Kaatsch Cast: Sebastian Urzendowsky , Marie-Lou Sellem Synopsis: Gregor is a musician and dreamer. He likes his life – as long as he doesn’t have to explain himself to his mother Irène. Long ago he gave up hope of being more than a less […]


Short, Student | Austria | 0:30:00 | German Genre: Drama Director(s): Patrick Vollrath Writer(s):  Patrick Vollrath Producer(s):  Patrick Vollrath, Filmakademie Wien – Filmacademy Vienna Cast: Simon Schwarz, Julia Pointner, Marion Rottenhofer Synopsis: Michael stands in front of a house. He rings the bell. He waits. Nobody opens. He rings again. But nothing happens. Then suddenly Lea, a little eight-year-old girl, exits the […]

Pant Suits

Short | United States | 0:09:09 | English Genre:  Director(s): Saralyn Armer Writer(s):  Saralyn Armer Producer(s):  Mitch Yapko, Aaron Critchlow Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Josh Malina, Kelly Coffield Park, Marianna Palka, Amberlee Colson, Susan-Kate Heaney, Ron Ostrow, David Largman Murray Synopsis: In the dead of winter in 1972, KAREN PETRASKE an ambitious computer programmer finds herself maneuvering the minefield of a […]

There Were Giants

Documentary, Short | United States | 0:17:45 | English Genre:  Director(s): Scott Orris Writer(s):  Scott Orris, Jonathan Barry Wolf, Kyle Kull Producer(s):  Jonathan Barry Wolf Cast: Jim Weedon, Ed Nork, Leo Burnette, Bruno DiMartile Synopsis: The city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has had an important yet largely unknown significance in the history of both race relations and baseball. In 1867, Harrisburg hosted […]