2016 Official Selections

Beautiful Butterfly

Short | United States | 0:11:18 | English Genre:  Director(s): Steven Adams Writer(s):  Steven Adams Producer(s):  Tracy Colletto Cast: Steven Adams – Eugene Miller, Mia Hargrove – Mae Tian Adkins, Chloe Hargrove as herself, John Murdolo – Ross, Restaruant manager , Ameerah Briggs – casheer, Scott Lehman – Buddy from Philadelphia Synopsis: A Vietnam veteran’s forty year search to deliver his […]

Please, Just Smile

Short, Student | United States | 0:14:11 | English Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family Director(s): Nicole Jordan-Webber Writer(s):  Nicole Jordan-Webber, Will Levinger Producer(s):  Chloe Hales Cast: Diane Adair, Jojo Tua, AJ Brody, Christopher Gerse, Chris Capizzi, Abigail Sims Synopsis: Michelle needs one family photo. Just one. Website | Twitter | Facebook

A Taylor Story

Short, Student | United States | 0:20:54 | English Genre: Drama, Family, Teen, Feel Good Director(s): Alex Yonks Writer(s):  Alex Yonks Producer(s):  Becky Prolman Cast: Emma Fuhrmann , Cozi Zuehlsdorff , Gavin Casalegno, Steven Eckholdt, Marin Hinkle Synopsis: A Taylor Story, is about a compassionate fifteen-year-old girl who is battling cancer who goes out on Halloween with her two best friends for […]

Any Elsewhere

Short | United States | 0:20:14 | English Genre: Adventrue, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy Director(s): Brandon Karsh Writer(s):  Abigail Hodge Producer(s):  Aya Lehman Cast: Tommy Garber, Valerie Yu, Carmen Perez, Noah Gildermaster Synopsis: Joe Howell (Tommy Garber) has a life that is relatively mundane and directionless. He’s a stoner who drifts from day to day without any change of pace who is […]


Feature | United States | 1:52:29 | English Genre:  Director(s): Josh Whittaker Writer(s):  Josh Whittaker Producer(s):  Josh Whittaker Cast: Danielle Martin, Lauren Robinson, Mario Queen, James Rohrbaugh, Jacki Gariglietti , Josh Whittaker , Corey Lombardo Synopsis: Riley’s career has hit a dead end. She returns home and reunites with her two best friends, both grief-stricken and in desperate need of help. […]

Speaking of Witch

Short | Canada | 0:05:46 | English Genre:  Director(s): Mark Datuin Writer(s):  Mark Datuin Producer(s):  Mark Datuin Cast: Meagan Tuck, Nicole Marie McCafferty, Samantha Spatari Synopsis: A woman is trapped in a world where everyone seems to have delusions of grandeur. Website | Twitter | Facebook


Short | United States | 0:04:42 | English Genre:  Director(s): Jimmy Nguyen Writer(s):  Charles Mruz Producer(s):  Wally Schrass, Kristopher Wile, Charles Mruz, Jason Rose Cast: Wally Schrass, Kristen Nielsen Schrass, Katrina Rennells, Fayelyn Bilodeau, Michael Hanna Synopsis: Three girls play a game of charades in an attempt to solve the mystery of their friend’s broken jaw and missing pants. Website | Twitter […]


Short | Greece | 0:11:21 | Modern Greek (1453-) Genre:  Director(s): Chris Moraitis Writer(s):  Chris Moraitis [Dialogues: Katerina Filiotou] Producer(s):  CHRISTOS LIAKOURIS Cast:  Synopsis: Dimitris (a 10 years old boy) is the only child of a rich family. The only person that took care of him, his grandma, is dead. Now his only companion is his pet guinea pig. When […]

The Last Transmission

Short | United States | 0:18:00 | English Genre: Sci-Fi Director(s): Stephen Turselli Writer(s):  Stephen Turselli Producer(s):  Bryan Jones, Elise Tasooji, Stephen Turselli Cast: Brendan Fehr, Dale O’Malley, Steven Michael Quezada Synopsis: Based on a true story about a young Cessna pilot and an aging air traffic controller whose lives collide one fateful night in and over Roswell, New Mexico. Website | Twitter […]

Her & Me

Documentary | United States | 0:14:52 | English Genre:  Director(s): Shelby Hadden Writer(s):   Producer(s):  Avalon Gordon Cast:  Synopsis: A film about a set of identical twin sisters living identical lives. Website | Twitter | Facebook