2016 Official Selections

The Cobbler and the Diamond

Short, Student | United States | 0:19:57 | English Genre: Comedy Director(s): Jacob Hoyson Writer(s):  Jacob Hoyson Producer(s):  Jacob Hoyson, Mack Walker, Jessica Voelker Cast: Thomas Baumgardner, Anna Brown, Sam Cobean, Robyn Nolting, John Neisler, Hayden Guthrie Synopsis: A down-on-his-luck private eye is torn between his client’s search for her missing diamond and his own search for peach cobbler. Website | Twitter | Facebook

Brother of Abraham

Short | United States | 0:11:28 | English Genre: Drama Director(s): Miles Warner Writer(s):  Miles Warner, Burt Grinstead Producer(s):  Miles Warner, Michael Antosy, Eric Grinstead, Burt Grinstead Cast: Michael Antosy, Miles Warner, Burt Grinstead Synopsis: It’s 1931. America is in the throes of the Great Depression, and Prohibition is still the law of the land. Abraham, a lost soul and a drunk, […]

Jubilee Nurse

Short | Ireland | 0:25:11 | English Genre:  Director(s): Keith Farrell Writer(s):  Keith Farrell Producer(s):  Dave Farrell Cast: Michelle Beamish, Andrew Macklin, Elva Trill, Stephen Hogan, Paddy Courtney, Lochlann O’Mearáin, Rick Burn, Colin D. Farrell Synopsis: Jubilee Nurse’ tells the story of out break of the Spanish Flu Epidemic through the eyes of nurse Kitty Malone. To be a nurse in […]

By Blood

Short | United States | 0:14:11 | English Genre: Drama Director(s): Debra Markowitz Writer(s):  Debra Markowitz Producer(s):  Debra Markowitz, Joseph A. Halsey, John Marean Cast: Joseph A. Halsey, Russ Camarda, Diana Durango Synopsis: Blood, betrayal, brothers. Website | Twitter | Facebook


Documentary, Short | United States | 0:20:00 | English Genre:  Director(s): Judith Finneren Writer(s):  Judith Finneren Producer(s):  Karin Rownd Kwiatkowski Cast: Judith Finneren, Deputy Harry Joseph, Dr. Joanne Cacciatore Synopsis: Love and forgiveness are the telling messages in this real-life story of Judith Finneren, a woman whose life changes drastically in the split second of someone else’s distracted driving. Website | Twitter […]

The Caravan Film

Documentary, Feature | Canada | 1:45:00 |  Genre:  Director(s): Margot McMaster Writer(s):  Holly Quan, Margot McMaster Producer(s):  Carolyn McMaster, Margot McMaster Cast:  Synopsis: An inside look aboard The Caravan where adventurers young and old grapple with route-finding, mother nature and group dynamics in an epic horse-drawn experience across America. The Caravan film follows the exploits of an eclectic group […]


Short | United States | 0:17:12 | English Genre: Drama, thriller Director(s): Alex Merkin Writer(s):  David J Schroeder, Fawzy Zablah Producer(s):  David J Schroeder Cast:  Synopsis: In the post 911 world of cultural confusion and erroneous judgment, Habib bin Habib al Fulan tries to pawn his guitar and reconcile with his wife. Website | Twitter | Facebook

Sögumaður (Storyteller)

Documentary, Short, Student | United States | 0:08:36 | English, Icelandic Genre:  Director(s): Megan Roethlein Writer(s):   Producer(s):  Megan Roethlein Cast: Gerður Kristný Synopsis: Iceland is said to have the world’s highest number of writers, authors, and artists per capita. Ben Okri, a Nigerian novelist stated, “Stories can conquer fear… They can make the heart bigger.” Sögumaður is a portrait of […]


Short | United States | 0:09:30 |  Genre:  Director(s): Rachel Breitag Writer(s):  Rachel Breitag, Mads Black Producer(s):  Rachel Breitag, Mads Black Cast: Mads Black, Rachel Breitag, Nirav Bhakta, Alex Kyle, Erika Godwin, Logan Martin, Daniel Cordileone, Diana Aeris Synopsis: (IM)MORAL is a comedic look at what the cost of success is. Lars is an unemployed working actor who’s girlfriend, Ava, […]

My Luchador

Short | United States | 0:12:51 | English Genre:  Director(s): Shea Sizemore Writer(s):  Shea Sizemore Producer(s):  Chip White Cast: Cedric Guthrie, Rachel Jefferys, Aaron Chavis, H. Blake Edwars Synopsis: An aging Luchador finds himself behind a computer working in a cube. His successful and loving wife helps him find his way. Website | Twitter | Facebook