2016 Official Selections

Honk! Honk!

Short | United States | 0:09:30 | English Genre: Comedy Director(s): Lars Fuchs Writer(s):   Producer(s):  Liam Billingham, Mandy Ward Cast: Bob Clendenin, Jordan Doig, Michael Wright Synopsis: Lars sets out to make a film about a mild-mannered man pushed to the limits by the hazards of life in the big city. But when the results aren’t as good as he’d hoped, […]

Drawn to Fear

Short | United States | 0:07:30 | English Genre: Horror Director(s): Daniel Robinette Writer(s):  4 Leagues Media , Daniel Robinette, Jeff Cox, Aaron Sorgius, Jeremy Tassone Producer(s):  Adrijana Baric, Linda Martin Cast: Courtney Lakin Synopsis: A single woman named Hope has procured a rare book under strange circumstances. Little does she know that the book has a life of it’s own – […]

Lotus Eyes

Feature | United States | 1:20:23 | English Genre: Drama, Adventure, Road Film, Dystopian Director(s): Joshua Land Writer(s):  Joshua Land, Victor Fink Producer(s):  Joshua Land, Victor Fink, Shannon Lanier, Dom DiMercurio Cast: Mitch Holson, Anna Fagan, Adam David Jones, Shannon Lanier, Gina Lee, Maddie Howard Synopsis: Lotus Eyes follows the story of Simon, a 16-year-old living in a post-oil-crash world, helping his […]


Short | United States | 0:02:17 | English Genre: Drama Director(s): J Hanna Writer(s):  J Hanna Producer(s):  Kathy McCurdy Cast: Rashawn E. Vaughn, Kirsten Scoles Synopsis: A slightly shady politician and an even shadier reporter meet on a pedestrian bridge to discuss the current climate. Website | Twitter | Facebook

The Poet

Short | United States | 0:20:00 | English Genre: Drama Director(s): Erin Enberg Writer(s):  Erin Enberg Producer(s):  Gene Trussell, Diane M. Martin Cast: Erik Moody, Erika J. Wilson Synopsis: A vampire moves to the city to follow his dreams of becoming a poet–with the help of a vampire hunter posing as a real estate agent. Website | Twitter | Facebook


Short | India | 0:09:42 | Urdu Genre:  Director(s): MUHAMMAD AASIM QAMAR Writer(s):  UMMUL BANEEN, MUHAMMAD AASIM QAMAR Producer(s):  ASHUTOSH JOSHI for UnCommonSenseFilms Cast: MOHD. OWAIS SAFDAR Synopsis: Muftnosh is based on a Manto tale about the different kinds of freeloaders that cigarette smokers encounter. Narrated beautifully in Urdu this B&W film successfully recreates the old world charm of pre-partition India. […]

A Perfect You

Short | United States | 0:10:10 | English Genre:  Director(s): Sue Lange Writer(s):  Sue Lange Producer(s):  Santo D. Marabella, Executive Producer: Tracy Schott Cast: Rashieda Awan, Dave Weidler, Celeste Allen, Barry Tangert, Chris Duffy, Bruce Clifford Synopsis: Comedy about a young woman seeking perfection, who encounters disaster when a single flaw creeps in. Website | Twitter | Facebook

Exit Thread

Feature | Canada | 1:36:00 | English Genre: Noir, Thriller, Drama Director(s): Paul Andrew Kimball Writer(s):  Paul Andrew Kimball, Ron Foley Macdonald Producer(s):  Ron Foley Macdonald, Andrew Mark Sewell, Paul Andrew Kimball Cast: Anthony Shuster, Hilary Connell, Crystal Allen, Robert G. Slade Synopsis: Tom is a small-town pastor who struggles with a continuing attraction to Abby, a former lover, even as he […]

Green Lake

Short | United States | 0:36:00 | English Genre: Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy, Mystery Director(s): Derek Frey Writer(s):  Leah Gallo, Derek Frey Producer(s):  Derek Frey Cast: RaVani Flood, Thom Durkin, Valery RIchardson, Liam Durkin, Leah Gallo, Carmen Richardson Synopsis: Industry hasn’t destroyed all of the sacred spaces in the world. In Hawai’i pockets of magic still exist. And so do those that […]

One Man’s Trash

Documentary, Short | United States | 0:17:00 | English Genre:  Director(s): Kelly Adams Writer(s):  Kelly Adams Producer(s):  Kelly Adams Cast: Nelson Molina Synopsis: In an East Harlem garage sits the unusual museum: Treasures in the Trash. The museum is the life’s work of Nelson Molina, a 34-year veteran of the New York City Department of Sanitation and a collector of discarded […]