2016 Official Selections

The Land of Exodus

Short | United States | 0:10:52 | English, Spanish Genre: Drama, Crime Director(s): Skinner Myers Writer(s):  Skinner Myers Producer(s):  Skinner Myers Cast: Rafael Martinez, Alonso Alvarez , Eddie Diaz, Link Ruiz , Moah Pollas Synopsis: Obed, a Mexican street kid with hopes of making it to America, leads a recently kidnapped American teenager to the Mexico/United States border. Website | Twitter | Facebook

Got This

Short | United States | 0:15:58 | English Genre:  Director(s): Susan Barry Writer(s):  Susan Barry, Ethan Cadoff (co-writer) Producer(s):  Susan Barry & Ethan Cadoff Cast: Emily Pantalone as “Hope”, John Racioppo as “Jack”, Reagan Frankhouser as “Lucy”, Richard Kent Green as “Stanley”, Bernard the Cat as “Bugsy” Synopsis: When beloved Bugsy goes missing at the worst possible moment, Hope and Jack […]


Feature | United States | 1:20:04 | English Genre: Drama, Crime, Romance, Film Noir, Thriller Director(s): TIM FRENCH Writer(s):  MICHAEL FRENCH, TIM FRENCH Producer(s):  HOYT RICHARDS, TIM FRENCH, RICK IRVIN Cast: HOYT RICHARDS, ANABELLA CASANOVA Synopsis: A broken man, haunted by a car crash that claimed the life of his daughter, returns every year to the same small town where the fateful […]

Flight Fright

Short | United States | 0:07:00 | English Genre:  Director(s): Jim Politano Writer(s):  Jim Politano Producer(s):  Jim Politano, Melissa K. Webb Cast: Eddie Deezen Synopsis: Aboard a flight across the ocean, an airline passenger with a fear of flying starts to see strange things after taking nerve medicine. Website | Twitter | Facebook

The Croquet Calamity

Short | Not Specified | 0:08:00 | English Genre: Comedy, Adventure Director(s): Dia Griffiths Writer(s):  Dia Griffiths Producer(s):  Stephen Hanson , Dia Griffiths Cast: Hugh Mann, Bex Etter , Rhiannon Griffiths , Kyle McGruther Synopsis: A tea party goes awry when a gentleman and two ladies must deal with a dueling pirate and a sticky wicket. Website | Twitter | Facebook

Acoustic Hearts

Feature | United States | 0:00:00 | English Genre:  Director(s): Scott Lentz Writer(s):  Scott Lentz Producer(s):  Andrew Bailey, Doug Roy Cast: Gregory Barr, Taylor Rae Cole, Larry Gessler, Jason Brown, Karina Grossman, Clark Cameron, Aubrey Loftus, Michael “Young Brizz” Bonsu Synopsis: A heartbroken past becomes a barrier in the path between a young musician and his fractured family. Website | Twitter | Facebook