2017 Official Selections

Food City: Feast Of The Five Boroughs

In the not-too-distant past, all food was local. Hyper-local, in fact: if you didn’t grow it or find it yourself, you didn’t eat it. Today our food is hyper-global: wherever you are, you can get your food from any corner of the world. What might a return to hyper-localism look like today, now that more than half the world’s population live in cities? In Food City, the filmmakers, Matt and Lars endeavor to find out by challenging themselves to serve a four-course meal for eight people – using only ingredients grown, caught, or foraged from within the five boroughs of New York City.

Girl Meets Roach

Dumped just before Christmas, a brokenhearted young woman forms an unlikely friendship…with a cockroach. SYNOPSIS: Reeling from a sudden pre-Christmas breakup, MAGGIE hides herself away from the outside world, avoiding work, friends, and a persistent delivery guy. When a cockroach appears in her apartment, Maggie’s initial disgust slowly turns to affection. Could her newfound friendship with the roach help her move on? Or will discovering the extent of her ex’s betrayal send her over the edge? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6091158/

Grand Unified Theory

During one fateful weekend, the family of brilliant astrophysicist Albert James has a complete meltdown, setting in motion a raucous and hilarious series of events that mirror his radical theories of the behavior of the universe.

Happy Hour

Charlie is a police officer whose partner is being investigated by Internal Affairs and has to decide whether or not he will lie on the stand to protect him. Jeremy and Monica are at a crucial turning point in their relationship, unsure if they’re destined to stay together, or drift apart. These two stories – along with past grudges, bad drinks, and stolen songs – come together in an explosive climax inside of the world’s worst karaoke bar.

Happy Hunting

An alcoholic drifter must battle withdrawal and psychotic rednecks after he becomes the target of a deranged sporting event.


A Puppet film. Inside a seedy bar, a patron expresses their appreciation of the local brew.


When a Mars colony’s comm satellite is damaged, Emilia Riley embarks on a seemingly harmless repair excursion. A shuttle malfunction cuts connectivity to the ground and Chris, her son, makes the knee jerk decision to go after her.

In The Now

Husband and Wife cherish the present moments together as he struggles to accept her decision.

John Lives Again

John needs to get his act together before he turns 30. He’s floundering – no real career, no real girlfriend. It’s time to be a man. And when he meets the elegant and professional Vanessa, he thinks he’s found the woman to elevate him. He works hard – with a little help from his friends – to bring himself up to her position. Then he discovers Vanessa’s world isn’t so perfect after all. The film’s an off-beat urban rom-com that’s been likened to the style of Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach. It stars Randal Edwards, featured in “Room”. Co-star Jordan Johnson-Hinds plays a character on the hit series “Suits”

Katie and Ben

A vignietted dramedy of a modern day romance: the romantic beginnings, the falling in love, the falling apart, and finding each other again on the other side.


Three broken men decide to kill themselves by carbon monoxide poisoning, but the group suicide is foiled when the vehicle of their demise fails to start.


Clemens lives and breathes his grandfather’s stories. When his grandfather passes away, it is difficult for him to understand that it is now his turn to continue telling his stories. Story-telling becomes a way for him to not only keep the stories but also the memory of his grandfather alive


With letters something of an endangered species in this new digital age, “Mail.Man” dramatically illustrates their continued importance in a moving but light-hearted fashion, with modern technology still playing an important role. Inspired by a character-driven nod to Frank Capra, the story unfolds through the endearing experience of a veteran mail carrier, with a twist that could make text-obsessed viewers rediscover the power and beauty of a well written letter or email.

Manners of Dying

A death row warden has supervised countless executions throughout his long career. He separates himself from the emotions they evoked with a wall of procedures and lies which he repeated so often that he convinced himself to believe in them. It is the young convict, Kevin Barlow, who holds the keys to his humanity.


On the run from the cops, criminals Tim and Molly hole up in Marbletown. Fed up with their transient lifestyle and Tim’s abusive behavior, Molly searches for a way to get out of this toxic relationship. But Tim won’t let her go without a fight.

Marc Chung Protects His Address

Marc Chung recounts a story to his friends Stan and Kyle about the events that led up to purchasing a pellet gun to protect his address. He suspects a man name Robert is committing fraud under his address. Robert shows up at Marc’s door and flees after being caught that he’s been lying. Marc shows up at the police station to file a report but is denied due to insufficient evidence.


Maryam, a rebel leader in an archaic world governed by ruthless religion, is set to prove that the god hovering in the sky is a lie. But she is stopped by a holy warrior that turns out to be her lost father. Soon their lives change as they are about to find out a secret only a god can keep.

Mike’s Movie Machine : The AACA Library’s 16mm Film Scanner

This Short-Film Documentary recaps the The Antique Automobile Club of America Library & Research Center’s story of building and modifying a 16mm film scanner from scratch. The film scanner takes 16mm films and digitizes them to a more accessible format to be viewed on the internet. It was crowdfunded and originally built to the specs of the Kinograph DIY Film Scanner. Since the original build, many improvements and modifications have been put in place including adding a step motor, new backlight, film gates, shutter delays, and other items to help get a more stable and clear image.


Jo is working as a trainer at the Fitness Company MIND YOUR BODY. His conciousness is slipping into the body of a customer and he is doing their sportsprogram for them. During this session Jo is not allowed to make any contact to the customer’s environment. Otherwise the exchange of conciousness could be disturbed. Dreams can originate and they are strictly forbidden in this future world. One day when Jo traines the famous Eddie he meets Ery and suddenly for him everything changes.