What it means to volunteer with us

Volunteering at the Harriburg-Hershey Film Festival is an opportunity to engage with filmmakers from around the world and share in their passion for the art. We want an environment that is both fun and stimulating. 

We are looking for people who:

  • Are flexible, have an outgoing personality, and have a good sense of humor
  • Have a passion for movies and filmmaking
  • Are 18 & older

Ideally we are looking for young, energetic people - such as college Students and recent graduates.  Also, we prefer locals as out-of-town volunteers will be responsible for their own lodging, transportation and food, as well as other personal expenses.

Customer Service

  • Knowledgeable and up to date on all festival films and events
  • Know HHFF ticketing and pass guidelines and pricing (assist guests as needed)
  • Hand out materials
  • Track down answers if needed
  • Know all other leads for each station
  • Welcome everyone, be outgoing
  • Set up/take down displays/signage at the booth
  • Know layout of festival grounds
  • Assist with rush lines

Festival Lounge

  • Engage patrons and keep the space active
  • Help prepare space per event or Q&A as needed
  • Participating in gaming if necessary (only if a partner is needed on a game)
  • Product knowledge (if applicable)
  • Keep station clean and orderly


  • Greet/thank people before/after screenings – promote mixers
  • Direct people to their seats
  • Maintain theater lines
  • Keep station clean and orderly
  • Assist with setup/teardown for Q&A
  • Hand out marketing collateral/materials if available per screening
  • Help with surveys as needed
  • Watch for prohibited items/activities


Must be 21+ years of age and have valid unrestricted DL or CDL

  • Vehicle support for all areas
  • VIP transport to hotels, airport, appearances
  • Operations transport
  • Lift, carry, move equipment, supplies, materials
  • Keep vehicles safe and clean when in possession
  • Flexible with travel constraints


Candid photos needed at all events, panels, etc.

  • Assist Lead Photographer
  • Candid photos at all events/panels, etc
  • Red Carpet Stills
  • Adequate coverage of sponsor products/logos

Festival Alternate/Runners

  • Responsibilities will be allocated per job
  • Assist with tasks as needed
  • Be prepared to fill in at any volunteer station that needs coverage
  • Knowledge of films playing and general festival info
  • Assist with rush lines
  • Collect and input survey info
  • Keep festival grounds neat and clean at all times


  • Assist with signage set up/break down
  • Check tickets or passes upon entry
  • Greet Guests
  • Food station attendants
  • Assist HHFF Event Coordinator


  • Be friendly and courteous; expect rejections to survey requests
  • Collect electronic and paper surveys from guests waiting in theater lines, inside theater and in Festival Lounge
  • Be prepared to answer general festival questions
  • One survey per guest; please no duplicates
  • Return completed surveys to festival office

Pre-Festival/Post Festival Assistants

  • Prepare gift bags
  • Prepare sponsor packets
  • Put up posters
  • Hand out materials
  • Run customer service desk 2 weeks prior
  • Assist clean up

Social Media/Bloggers

  • Assist HHFF Social Media Director on tweets, posts, etc. on all HHFF social media outlets
  • Blog HHFF film reviews and events


  • Assist HHFF media producer
  • Pre-fest interviews
  • Event coverage

Volunteer Application

Complete the form below and we will contact you about volunteering. Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival!

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