All American

Documentary, Short | United States | 00:08:48

Genre: Drama

Director(s): Michael Ayjian , Stephen Skeel

Michael Ayjian , Stephen Skeel

Cast: Leslie Palmer Cruise, Jr. , Shirley Cruise, Scott Clark, John Evola, Heath Marchand, Damian Martelli, John Lindsay, Ryan Morgan, Adam Strell, David Zuppelli , The Cruise, Klein, Biittner and Talladay Families, Whiskey 7 – 82nd Airborne Reenactors

72 years later, WWII hero Les Cruise flies again on the same plane from D-Day. This time his family boarded with him. While he is one of the last surviving D-Day paratroopers, Cruise’s story is not only about his historic jump. It’s also about his familial journey: from orphan to great-grandfather.


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