John Lives Again

Feature | Canada | 01:24:00


Director(s): Anthony Furey
Anthony Furey

Cast: Randal Edwards, Gavin Crawford, Erin Agostino, Jordan Johnson-Hinds, Robin Dunne

John needs to get his act together before he turns 30. He’s floundering – no real career, no real girlfriend. It’s time to be a man. And when he meets the elegant and professional Vanessa, he thinks he’s found the woman to elevate him. He works hard – with a little help from his friends – to bring himself up to her position. Then he discovers Vanessa’s world isn’t so perfect after all. The film’s an off-beat urban rom-com that’s been likened to the style of Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach. It stars Randal Edwards, featured in “Room”. Co-star Jordan Johnson-Hinds plays a character on the hit series “Suits”


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