Pant Suits

Short | United States | 0:09:09 | English


Director(s): Saralyn Armer
Writer(s):  Saralyn Armer
Producer(s) Mitch Yapko, Aaron Critchlow

Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Josh Malina, Kelly Coffield Park, Marianna Palka, Amberlee Colson, Susan-Kate Heaney, Ron Ostrow, David Largman Murray

In the dead of winter in 1972, KAREN PETRASKE an ambitious computer programmer finds herself maneuvering the minefield of a man’s world. When a crappy day gets worse and Karen is pushed to the brink, she unexpectedly decides that today is the day things need to change. With her friends in tow, Karen risks her career for all the women in her office.