The Chicken Farmer

Short, Student | United States | 00:32:12

Genre: coming of age, drama, romance, slice of life

Director(s): Natalie Phillips
Natalie Phillips
Jordan Durham

Cast: Joe Piserchio, Corinne Spies, Jake Geary

The Chicken Farmer is a short film about Stan, an introverted high school student growing up in the late 1950’s with his best friends, Rita, a chicken farmer, and Brian, an athlete. Stan begins his senior year of high school by anonymously admitting his love for Rita by graffiting the words, “Chicken Farmer I love you” across from her house. As their senior year continues however, Rita and Brian fall in love, sending Stan on a journey of heartache and self-discovery. Stan’s future after high school takes him far from Rita and Brian, but their hearts and friendship allows for them to come together again. The story follows Stan, Rita, and Brian throughout their lives, becoming victims of time, and where they learn the importance of friendship and taking action for the right reasons.


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