The Makings of You

Feature | United States | 1:30:00 | English

Genre: Drama

Director(s): Matt Amato
Writer(s):  Matt Amato
Producer(s) Matt Amato, Grace Zabriskie, Jack Richardson, Ron Creevey, Sheryl Lee

Cast: Sheryl Lee, Jay R. Ferguson

The Makings of You is a poignant story of self-discovery, love and loss. Set in writer/director Matt Amato’s hometown of St. Louis, the movie follows JUDY and WALLIS who converge in a shared dissatisfaction with their own lives and an indescribable attraction to each other. Caught between the freedoms that Wallis affords and the demands of her troubled family, Judy’s journey offers an alternative to cliched romantic archetypes. With its palpable summertime weather, lush music and beautifully decaying surroundings, the movie is, above all, a classic love story. The movie’s formidable cast features the highly anticipated reunion of Twin Peaks alums Sheryl Lee (JUDY) and Grace Zabriskie (Judy’s mother, MARGARET) alongside Mad Men’s, Jay R. Ferguson (WALLIS).

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