Triple Divide [redacted]

Documentary | United States | 00:58:00

Genre: Science, Environmental, Fracking, Natural Gas, Pennsylvania, Public Herald, Investigative Journalism, Marcellus Shale, Documentary, Triple Divide, Water, Contamination, Corruption

Director(s): Joshua B. Pribanic, Melissa A. Troutman
Melissa A. Troutman, Joshua B. Pribanic
Joshua B. Pribanic, Melissa A. Troutman

Cast: Mark Ruffalo

A ‘bombshell’ documentary about the impact of fracking in one of the country’s most pristine watersheds. With exclusive interviews from oil and gas industry leaders, independent experts and impacted residents, TRIPLE DIVIDE [REDACTED] covers five years (2011 – 2016) of cradle-to-grave investigations by investigative news nonprofit Public Herald that reveals how regulators and industry keep water contamination covered up. Originally released as a 90-minute feature in 2013, this iteration of TRIPLE DIVIDE is updated with Public Herald’s continued investigations through 2016. Award-winning actor Mark Ruffalo co-narrates this film by Public Herald, an investigative news nonprofit co-founded by journalists Joshua Pribanic and Melissa Troutman. “It’s hard to imagine anyone could have a fully-informed opinion about fracking without seeing TRIPLE DIVIDE ,” said Jed Thorp, Conservation Manager at the Sierra Club, Ohio Chapter. “The filmmakers use cold hard facts and first-hand accounts to show how this industry is impacting real people.” The documentary’s title represents one of only four Triple Continental Divides in North America, a place that provides drinking water to millions of Americans, signaling to the audience that everything, and everyone, is downstream from shale gas extraction. For more information visit


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