Moving On – Production Complete!


The original short film Moving On was finished shooting today! The film was produced as part of the Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival’s Short Script Contest and will premiere at the 2016 Film Festival on September 15. The film was written by Australian screenwriter Lachland Marks who traveled to Harrisburg, PA for the 4-day production.


Screenwriter Lachland Marks was present for production as Script Supervisor.

Moving On is the story of Mike, a young, lonely professional who, struggling with a recent break up, moves into a new apartment and becomes involved in strange exchange when the former tenant adds him on social media.


The film was shot in Downtown Harrisburg, PA with the majority taking place at Old City Hall Apartments!

The film stars Chris Viemeister (Bridge and Tunnel), Robbie-Jean Arbaczewski, Leland Taylor and Josh Roepe.