The non-narrative animated film is a poetic debate with the issue of “HOME” and the experience of the outland as a new home. A collage of fragments of Hilde Domin s poems and a concentration and overlay of sketchy drawings and sound elements – always incomplete, always close to disappearance. It describes the search for an inner place of calm – a timeless space of deceleration. “One must be able to part and still be like a tree: the roots remaining in the ground, landscape passing and we are fixed.” (Hilde Domin)


A week after the death of her husband, Silvia moved with her daughter, María, to Madrid to be closer to the set where María works as an actress. A few months later, her parents send a “forget-me-nots” to remind her that she has abandoned them.

The Condo.

A comedy about best friends and roommates, Steven and Rahul, who open their condo into an underground casino in order to raise money to pay off a debt owed to the Chinese gambling syndicate.

Alfred J Hemlock

When Emily’s boyfriend abandons her in the night, her only way home is through an alleyway where she is terrorised by the mysterious entity Alfred J Hemlock

Grand Unified Theory

During one fateful weekend, the family of brilliant astrophysicist Albert James has a complete meltdown, setting in motion a raucous and hilarious series of events that mirror his radical theories of the behavior of the universe.