Arrested (Again)

Activist Karen Topakian has been arrested dozens of times for using nonviolent civil disobedience to protest nuclear proliferation, human rights abuses, environmental issues, and war. What drives her to repeatedly put her body on the line? In turn lighthearted and moving, Karen’s story speaks to the need for Americans, now more than ever, to exercise this important First Amendment right. Karen is the Chair of the Board of Directors of Greenpeace, Inc. She began protesting in New York City and her native Rhode Island as well as the greater New England area, and now lives in San Francisco, with her wife, Peg Stevenson.

The Lost Within

THE LOST WITHIN (2017) 105 min. From the makers of the award winning 2010 film THE FEED. Director: Steve Gibson, Producer: Jessica Paquin; Stars: David Gries, Jami Tennille, & RJ Haddy. While reporter Jon Edens (David Gries, Memisis) is interviewing people for his book about shut-ins and others that have chosen to remove themselves from society, his search leads him to Agatha Smith (Jami Tennille, Manchester By The Sea), an odd woman living under mysterious circumstances at a roadside motel. The more he learns about her the more he is led down a dark path of deceit, longing and obsession. Recommended for mature audiences.


On the run from the cops, criminals Tim and Molly hole up in Marbletown. Fed up with their transient lifestyle and Tim’s abusive behavior, Molly searches for a way to get out of this toxic relationship. But Tim won’t let her go without a fight.

Oak Bones

A woman, carved from wood and brought to life by a possessive artist, unwittingly falls in love with a scarred street performer and the turbulent world he inhabits right outside her window. IMdB LINK:

The Legend of Gimghoul

The Legend of Gimghoul follows the “named after a city” Boston as he faces his first date anxiety and ends up on a blueberry filled adventure with the “named after a state” Carolina.