The Girl in the Pink Motel

When a broken man, seeking redemption, investigates a horrific human trafficking ring, he is blindsided by its unexpected personal consequences.

In The Now

Husband and Wife cherish the present moments together as he struggles to accept her decision.

The Renovation

During hard economic times the lives, motives and interests of a several townspeople converge at Mary’s Place, a rural upstate New York diner, as the owner must decide whether to foreclose on the place, or re-invent in a leap of faith.


During WWII, a bunch of children, with 11-year old Anton and his younger brother Rudi in the middle, meet up at a wall at the cementery. They regulary have tests of courage. As it is Rudi´s turn, he makes his way, armed with a knife, to the grave of a child murderer, where the night ends in terror.


Erez, an Israeli commissioned officer, and two other soldiers have been ordered to transfer a prisoner to Megiddo prison. Along the way, a conflict arises that forces the young officer to surpass himself in order to solve the situation.


Clemens lives and breathes his grandfather’s stories. When his grandfather passes away, it is difficult for him to understand that it is now his turn to continue telling his stories. Story-telling becomes a way for him to not only keep the stories but also the memory of his grandfather alive

Nativity Unscene

A couple of the verge of a breakup decides to attend one final eye-opening Christmas getaway.