The Pitch

Jimmy, an arrogant, down-on-his-luck entrepreneur targets his wealthy grandma Doris as the source of income for his next start-up. With the help of his business partner Gary, the entrepreneur unveils his newest product, The Watch Out, a smart watch designed to protect its wearer from danger. After a lackluster presentation of the product, Doris tries to feign pride for her grandson. Jimmy, thinking his grandmother loves the idea, makes the fatal mistake of asking her for $30,000.

The Archivist

In a time when memories are put on 16mm film reels, all cataloged in a library, The Archivist who preserves the memories must pursue the Bandit who has stolen his, before they are destroyed.

Mike’s Movie Machine : The AACA Library’s 16mm Film Scanner

This Short-Film Documentary recaps the The Antique Automobile Club of America Library & Research Center’s story of building and modifying a 16mm film scanner from scratch. The film scanner takes 16mm films and digitizes them to a more accessible format to be viewed on the internet. It was crowdfunded and originally built to the specs of the Kinograph DIY Film Scanner. Since the original build, many improvements and modifications have been put in place including adding a step motor, new backlight, film gates, shutter delays, and other items to help get a more stable and clear image.

Happy Hour

Charlie is a police officer whose partner is being investigated by Internal Affairs and has to decide whether or not he will lie on the stand to protect him. Jeremy and Monica are at a crucial turning point in their relationship, unsure if they’re destined to stay together, or drift apart. These two stories – along with past grudges, bad drinks, and stolen songs – come together in an explosive climax inside of the world’s worst karaoke bar.

Filling In

A gentle giant of man, down on his luck, considers a risky and covert career path. To help him learn the ropes, a grizzled vet in the field takes him under his wing.


Byron Temple, a retired character actor (Wil Love) with diagnosed dementia, longs to perform at his beloved summer theater one last time. Against his daughter’s wishes (Dendrie Taylor), he accepts a role from the newly installed artistic director (David Deluise) who is unaware of Byron’s condition.