Tickets and Passes are now on sale!

Passes and Tickets to the 2017 Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival are now on sale!

Festival Passes

Festival Passes that allow access to multiple blocks can be purchased by clicking here or the “Buy Passes” link at the top. Day passes are sold as 1-Day, 2-Day Flex and 3-Day Flex.

1-Day Passes can be used to attend any screening block on a single day excluding any block or event which may require a VIP or Filmmaker Pass.

2-Day Flex and 3-Day Flex Passes can be used for any 2  or 3 days of the festival (do not have to be consecutive days). They do not cover any block or event which may require VIP or Filmmaker Pass.

VIP Passes are good for access to all blocks and events of the festival, including the Filmmaker Mixer, Red Carpet, and Kickoff Screening.

Individual Block Tickets

Individual block tickets can be purchased by clicking the Block Title on the Screening Schedule page. These tickets are sold through the Midtown Cinema (venue) and any questions or concerns regarding them must be addressed to them.

Purchase your tickets today!